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These are some of the general (non-proprietary) papers and software, in various stages of development, I have written about things I have done.

CryptPad program Revised 2018-02-21

SI Class Revised 2015-01-28

Mystique program Revised 2015-01-09

Manipulating Colors Revised 2015-02-16

HCW-Modify program Revised 2015-03-22

Limited User Accounts Revised 2014-12-14

Simple Web Page Design Revised 2015-07-19

TidyWhite program Revised 2015-09-07

Simple String Template Revised 2013-03-18

Windows 7/8/10 Revised 2015-09-03

Windows Display Personalization Revised 2015-09-30

HTML versus WORD Revised 2013-07-07

Diatribe against computers Revised 2013-07-07

XB (exbi) The Exbibit Nanoputer Revised 2005-01-25

Revised 2018-02-21

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