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Primary career objective: Christian ministry support.

I enjoy working with people and solving customer problems. I have extensive experience with all types of software systems. I am willing and capable of rapidly adapting to new technologies. I am retired.

Hardware: Intel/Microsoft compatible microcomputers, numerous others

Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7, numerous others

Languages: Visual C#, JScript, HTML, numerous others

Application Software: Office

B.S. Information Science, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, 1979

M.S. Information & Computer Science, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, 1982

October 2003 to Present - IAUA End Time Ministry. Christian Internet Ministry.

I provide information on Bible study and Biblical research for individuals who are making spiritual preparation for the end of time.

  • Internet websites
  • Newsletter/Blog
  • Books
  • Online discussion forum
  • Personal correspondence

August 2005 to February 2016 - Three Angels Broadcasting Network. Christian Television/Radio Ministry.

Information Technology Staff: Responsible for network support, servers, accounts, web applications, web sites, and assisting all those using the computer with their problems with computer usage.

  • Developed and wrote numerous Visual C#.NET programs for a media automation system and other projects
  • Maintenance and configuration of Windows network of over 100 workstations, over a dozen switches/routers, numerous wireless access points, Cisco 5520 firewall, and over 20 servers
  • Gmail server authorizations
  • Windows Domain Management and authorizations
  • Maintenance and configuration of over 100 DNS registrations
  • 5 SQL servers and Database administration
  • Web server configuration, technical support, and maintenance
  • Web based applications
  • FTP server configuration, maintenance, technical support, and user authorizations
  • Onsite and offsite Corporate backup management
  • Workstation setup and maintenance
  • Technical support and assistance for over 100 computer users.

October 2003 to August 2005 - IAUA End Time Ministries. Christian Internet Ministry.

Web Site Consultant: Responsible for development and maintenance of more than 10 web sites using HTML and JScript.

  • Web site Designer
  • Domain Technical Administrator
  • Hosting setup and maintenance
  • Email setup and maintenance
  • Webmaster

July 1998 to October 2003 - JMI Software Consultants, Inc. Kensington Input Devices Windows Drivers.

Software Systems Design Engineer: Responsible for development and maintenance of Kernel drivers, user drivers, and control panel applications for keyboards, mice and joysticks. All software was written in C/C++ adapted for all versions of Windows operating systems including Windows XP.

  • Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) compliant WDM USB lower filter driver for mice and joysticks used in Win98 and later adapted for W2k and WXP.
  • WHQL compliant WDM mouse upper filter driver for mice used in W2k and WXP.
  • WHQL compliant WDM keyboard class upper filter driver used in W2k and WXP.
  • WHQL compliant WDM library driver to connect multiple drivers for driver to driver communication used in W2k and WXP.
  • WHQL compliant INF driver installation procedures for W2k and WXP.
  • Windows applications to act as control panels for mice and joysticks.
  • Windows Property sheet dialogs for mouse control panel.
  • Windows console applications for file conversions of binary preference data to XML format.
  • Windows console applications for extracting resource data to textual format for language localization.
  • Keyboard macro driver for automating keystrokes which included driver, control panel, MSI package, documentation, licensing procedures, and marketing plan.
  • Marketing demonstrations for integrating document management and telnet communications Using Visual.NET C#.
  • Wrote documentation and specifications for software components.

March 1998 to May 1998 - Tech Conveyor, Inc. Conveyor and sortation equipment and control systems.

Senior Real-time Software Controls Engineer: Responsible for development, maintenance and installation of software control systems.

  • C programming and compatibility issues with QNX and QNX4.
  • Developed a file viewer to display, filter, and select records to view.
  • Revised an Opto-22 driver program to support larger systems with more efficiency and reliability.

March 1996 to March 1998 - Computer Management Associates. Computer hardware and software services.

Systems Analyst: Responsible for maximizing clients investments in computer software and hardware with a wide range of services tailored to the customer's needs.

  • Developer of several process control systems using Visual Basic with Access/ODBC database storage. Instrumentation control and data acquisition was handled through RS232 and Ethernet connections.
  • Applications programmer, system administrator for several PC's and a XENIX system supporting 11 users of a freight tracking and billing system written in UXBASIC.
  • Program developer of a control program written in C integrating 5250 communications to an AS400 and serial interface to a truck scale using a PC running MS-DOS.
  • Software development and maintenance of a real-time control system written in C using the QNX operating system.
  • Internet web page development using Internet Explorer and HTML.

April 1990 to March 1996 - BioChem ImmunoSystems (US), Inc. Medical diagnostics equipment.

Senior Software Engineer: Responsible to the Software Engineering Manager for the design and development of process control systems for new products.

  • Software technical leader of three person team which designed and developed a new software system for an embedded control applications using downloaded software from a separate PC-based on MS-DOS, Microsoft C, and Microsoft MASM which replaced an older unit based on Intel 8051 microcontrollers and PLM-51.
  • Software technical leader of a team which designed, developed and maintained a process control system for an automated immunoassay analyzer using custom embedded hardware and the QNX operating system.
  • Software technical leader of a team that developed and implemented software testing protocols.

November 1989 to April 1990 - Rockwell Telecommunications Inc. Automatic call distribution switching equipment and telephone operator consoles.

Senior Software Engineer: Responsible to the PC Group Leader for a PC-based software development group.

  • Set up six (6) PC workstations on PC-LAN. Including a file server, a print server, a Postscript Page printer, and tape backup unit.
  • Wrote (14) standard operating procedures for hardware and software installation and use, software version control, network management, configuration management, and software development.

April 1989 to November 1989 - Amersham Corporation. Medical diagnostics equipment.

Quality Assurance Software Engineer: Reporting to the Quality Control Manager responsible for quality assurance of the software and hardware of a microcomputer machine control system.

  • Set up test procedures for quality assurance of a microcomputer machine control system using FDA guidelines for medical devices and ISO 9001.
  • Responsible for technical computer assistance for all the employees of the Diagnostics Operations area.
  • Developed custom RS-422 communication analyzer for control system using IBM PC compatible hardware, MS-DOS, Microsoft 'C',and VRTX.
  • Held a series of four (4) training sessions for 15 employees on microcomputer basics, installation, and use.

July 1986 to April 1989 - Conco-Tellus Inc., Interlake Materials Handling Division. Automated material handling control systems.

Senior Software Design Engineer: Responsible to the Software Engineering Manager for design and development of AGV traffic control systems.

  • Group leader of five (5) member team which implemented system on a MicroVAX 2000 using VMS and VAX 'C'.
  • Provided technical assistance for system implementation on MicroVAX II using Ultrix.
  • Implemented four (4) development projects for IBM-compatible 80386 computer using MS-DOS and Microsoft 'C'.
  • Converted an automated guided vehicle traffic control system consisting of 12,000 lines of hardware-dependent 'C' and assembly language code designed for the IBM AT using AT/RTX operating system. Converted to Intel 310 AP microcomputer using the iRMX-286 operating system.
  • Implemented five (5) installations of the traffic control system.

1982 to 1986 - Zenith Data Systems. Personal computers and custom software.

  • 1985 - 1986 Software Engineer
    • Developed and wrote an assembly language "parasite" to test BIOS adaptation of MS-DOS version 3.2 operating system for IBM compatibility and functionality.
    • Member of the Zenith design team cooperating with Microsoft on BIOS adaption of OS/2 for IBM-compatible computers.
  • 1983 - 1985 Section Leader
    • Supervised five systems software consultants.
    • Wrote a textual information database in 'C' to categorize and store support information.
    • Developed and programmed Software Consultation Bulletin Board for customer support using an MS-DOS computer and Microsoft 'C'.
  • 1982 - 1983 Systems Software Consultant
    • Researched customer problems with operating systems and programming languages. Developed programming information and procedures to solve these problems, and general customer support.

1976 to 1982 - Andrews University Computing Center. Computer services to the administration, faculty, and students.

  • 1980 - 1982 Academic Coordinator: Responsible to the director of the computing center for all aspects of computer usage by faculty and students of the university.
  • 1979 - 1980 Systems software developer: Designed and developed the word processor used by administrators, faculty, and students of the university.
  • 1978 - 1979 Applications software developer: Designed and developed a computer time billing system.
  • 1976 - 1978 Consultant: Trained students in computer usage and supervised programming laboratories.

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